Clients who joined the ‘Hall of Fame’ in 2016 achieved the following:

Smashed their annual budget within 6 months
Increased margin and grew sales income by 25%
Created new offers for new clients
Grew sales and maintained commission rate
Strengthened their position in ANZ market
Positioned to sell their business and define a new future
Defined an exciting Vision for their business and themselves
Acquired permanent premises, bought new vehicles and gave themselves more time with family

whats on the page

I enjoy partnering with Owners and Businesses on a variety of functional aspects and my areas of specialty are:

WINNING with Customer
SUCCEEDING with People
INSPIRED at Work and Home

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‘What is unique about Jonathan is that he is just as focused on me having clear commitments to my family as he is tangible objectives for the business. The current plan has our business double, in revenue, where it was 18 months ago and with me having a target to do less absolute hours.’


‘I was a cynic around coaches and advisers but icu BIG! delivered for me and set me on a path to being self employed, empowered, full of possibility and excited with what I do next’.


‘Jonathan is part of our team – period, and adds value at so many levels. In any given week we might not speak at all or several times daily based on what is going on. Amongst a broad suite of skills he might be directly helping me make my business more effective, we are now profitable in less than 3 years, or supporting the growth and development of my team’.

‘I have gone from a place of uncertainty and nervousness to one where I can write and proclaim my vision and share with my friends that I now know I can be BIG.’


‘Jonathan has motivated me to divorce myself from my business, prepare it for sale and help shape an amazing future for myself and my family’.


‘I have received the strength, guidance and clarity to stare into and deal with some tough commercial issues such that my business has a future and a real chance to succeed.’


‘Jonathan has really me seen my BIG. I have finally realized that I am worth it and that I can offer some new products to new customers with a refined and defined position. It’s truly amazing when someone really believes in you’.


‘I have just signed off on a commitment to extend the nature of my relationship with icu BIG! I did this because I know Jonathan will guide and support me to achieve the highest amount of revenue my business has ever realized. In parallel I can really start to realize life post full time work’.


‘I did 6 sessions in less than 2 weeks and at one point cried, when I had a break through, further to watching a film Jonathan had leant me. Undoubtedly I now look at what is possible through a while new lens and a completely different set of rules and values for myself.’


‘In our car park are 3 new vehicles that have been financed by the growth that we have realized since we first met Jonathan. Bottom line we are now an ANZ business competing throughout Australasia with multinationals’.


‘In 3 months I have changed how I view myself, and the business. I have gone from looking back in fear to looking forward with excitement – at some part Jonathan has played a role in that.’