Client Engagement

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Carey Burt (Partner – D3)

"After our weekly catch up I always drive home smiling and ready to 'smash the world' the following day"

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Pablo Saud (Director – Seekers Tourism Ltd)

"After 2013 had decided to leave behind the corporate environment and attempt to start my own business. Having worked for so many years for different companies I felt was not well prepared for the task ahead.

Jon has been helping at (...)

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Dean Scholey (Owner – Anagram)

"Jonathan is a man of high values. Integrity and honesty come to mind, layered with an infectious desire to help people in all aspects of life and business. I got a sense that he trully listened and understood me.

No hard sell here! (...)

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Petra Praschnig (Owner – Petra’s Place)

The experience has been great. Jonathan is genuinely interested in making sure that I succeed. He has a great talent for listening and pinpointing what needs to be addressed, expanded and discarded. Jonathan has great artistic ideas and made (...)

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Joanna Clough (Director – PET First Aid and Training (NZ) Ltd)

Jonathan is very direct, focused and hardworking, everything you are looking for in a business mentor. He knows how to help and will get you thinking for yourselves to ensure your business grows and moves in the direction you are working (...)

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Johnny Wiggins (General Manager – Wiggins H&B)

"Jonathan has played a key role in the evolution of our business and we relate to him more as a partner than consultant. While we benefit from ongoing support and recommendation on various aspects of our business we find the work that he does (...)

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Andy Hrstic (Commercial Director – Johnson & Johnson, now at Samsung)

“Jonathan places a huge value on building relationships and establishing trust. He is a terrific listener who has an ability to see through to the real issues at hand. Jonathan certainly stands out from t he crowd and adds huge value to his (...)

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Andrew Swensen (Managing Director – Swensen and Associates Ltd)

"I have had the pleasure of working with Jonathan during a particularly difficult period in my business lifecycle. I was stuck between rapid growth and stagnation.

Fortunately for me, Jonathan provided me with that fresh pair of eyes (...)

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Gary Beattie – Managing Director (Synergy Consulting)

I was fortunate to be introduced to Jonathan by a business acquaintance when I attended a presentation. I was struck by the genuine caring nature he portrayed during that talk and felt the empathy he had. I had been involved with business (...)

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Adam – Owner (Multiple Businesses)

"Jonathan was referred to me through a mutual associate. I have done some work with mentors/coaches in the past and found that my expectations weren’t really met in the past, as I had felt the coaches/mentors had their own agendas. That is (...)

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Connie Wang – Owner (Prosperity Advisers Ltd)

"I had opportunity to work with other business coaches before but I never actually did it because I couldn’t envisage the real value until I met Jonathan.

Jonathan is very different. He takes a holistic approach and help me to eliminate (...)

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Peter Scott CEO (Parallel Directions)

"In my experience, Jonathan is an enthusiastic supporter and guide. His commitment to focusing on our goals has been very productive for us. Because of his wide experience in business, Jonathan is able to both see the big picture and identify (...)

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"Jonathan was a real support to me. He is one of those people who helps you take a step back and supports you to take a decision during tough times when you don't see any clear solutions.

I always remember him telling me 'whatever decision (...)

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“Having known Jonathan for many years, both on a professional and personal level, I can confidently say he has helped me drive my career to another level. When I first met him I lacked the self-confidence required to negotiate in a fast paced (...)

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“Jonathan was a brilliant guide through the process of changing my personal and career priorities. Before working with Jonathan, I knew I wanted a change but was unsure on what the steps for that process were. He asked the right questions, (...)

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“The first time I met Jonathan his personality came across to me as someone who enjoys life and you wanted a share of what he’s got. As I talked to him I found it was easy to open up to him and our coaching sessions were very casual. (...)

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“It is not easy to find a mentor who can guide you through and within your life. I am lucky enough to have met one, I could not have achieved what I have without him. Especially when you go through dark times in your life, he is so (...)

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“Jonathan has provided me with an excellent stepping stone to become more aware of myself and my actions and the impact they have on others. My goal is to unlock my potential so I can achieve all I set my mind to (work and personal life) (...)

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"He 'fixes': Me, My Life, My work and in general he makes me a better person"

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“Jonathan is an amazing human being, firstly, a kind, pragmatic person with proven corporate nouse, emotional intelligence and an acute awareness of how to target an issue with common sense and to get best results. He is devoted to his clients (...)

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"Just wanted to send a sincere Thanks for last week's sesh. Productivity and Efficiency are up as well as Love for background work, Stress response is dramatically lower!

Disconnecting the plug to 'Don't F%^* that up, you'll maim someone' (...)

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"I engaged Jonathan recently to help me on a journey of self-discovery I was on. I was in a unique position of performing well in a role yet wasn’t able to translate why I performing well and what that skills meant to other potential (...)

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"I have known Jonathan for over 7 years and he has always been an strong advocate for what he sees as the real potential in me. Recently I chose to take on a new role and leave the same employer of the last 10 years - this was daunting for a (...)

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"I reached out to Jonathan when I found myself in a situation, professionally, I didn't know how to manage . I felt I needed to do "something else" to change the situation I was in but was unsure of what or how.

Jonathan provided me with (...)