Become a BIG Mentor affiliate and access real passive income

Mentor/Coach – Lets start with definition

I am often asked to differentiate between Mentor and Coach, sometimes it’s about perception. In reality there is undoubted crossover and the core challenge is around are you teaching someone a new skill/competency, advising on aspects of a journey or purely a place of counsel. Often, through the work I do, I will be both distinctions in a meeting or conversation.

Where does this request for assistance stem?

For some time I have been involved in various networking groups. In essence the networking space, there are a number of global, local and bespoke offers, is there to offer SME owners the opportunity to share their offer and ideally have colleagues act as a marketing vehicle for them.

I’ve met some great people and had some great experiences. My experience suggests that with a service offer that can be non transactional , Coach/Mentor, you need people who are willing to dig in conversations to establish worthwhile leads.

Doing a Contra

This is a excellent principle where services are exchanged between 2 people/businesses, no money changes hands. Reality is, time and time again, ‘where there is no value there is no value’.

Why embrace an affiliate model!?

I’m very clear that I want to place tangible value, and reward those, who are able to connect me with those who can generate work/income. Lets be clear now this is not a elaborate scheme but straight forward you bring me prospects who engage my survive and you receive ‘a slice of the action’ – $’s in simple terms.

Whats being sold?

As a trusted Mentor/Coach I help clients in a variety of ways:

‘Ultimate Business’: where I work with SME owners and their teams in a variety of  areas across Margin evolution, Sales, Marketing, Product development, Customer Engagement.

‘Accelerator’: a 6 session series that condenses Ultimate Business and is a WOF to ensure that all the basic elements of a business are being executed.

‘FMCG Physio’: Having worked in this industry as a seller (at many levels) and buyer I focus on Customer Engagement strategies and Developing People/Leadership skills

A sub product of icu BIG is Storytellers where myself and business partner Adam Daly help individuals nurture confidence to develop and deliver great stories:

‘Michelle’: Keynote addresses

‘Jimmy‘: Across the desk, one on one, selling

‘Richie’: Developing your stand up communication skills in front of groups

‘Hugh’: Social occasions such as weddings or funerals

At times I will also run some bespoke training or a seminar

What can you earn?

Dependent on the size of the transaction it’s realistic you’ll earn from $50 for a one off engagement with Storytellers (some products will reward greater than others) to $500 for an icu BIG Mentor/Coach client. Monies are paid 1 month after client engagement commences.

Don’t be shy!

In reality it’s just business and makes it real simple if I can share with you some of the success/income of these business entities. Lots of people have had great experiences, check out the testimonials!

What next?

Contact me to find out more about products that you or others might be interested in and off we go.

Let me Thank you in advance for being willing to consider and take action in these spaces – there will only ever be positive conversations!!